Let's Get Down to Business

1) Just as a reminder for everyone, "Da Kine's Hawaiian Catering" is operated by Nelson Ishii. We do all the cooking as we used to when we started in PB back in 1997. So you know the food is how it was "back in the day."

2) As the founder and owner of Da Kine's Hawaiian Catering, I do respond to emails and phone messages… I'm not "stuck up" you know…

3) We are still doing catering events… A lot of them too! So, if you are looking for the original taste of Da Kine's, call me or tour the website. The food is still good and the prices are the best around town. No joke!

4) So let's recap. Da Kine's. Yup, still here, the one, the original, no matter what you're told or heard. Now if you're looking to have a party with some of the best food around, call us!

Uncle Nelson

P.S… Just remember, there are "imitators," and then there are the "originators"

P.S.S… If you want something that you don't see on my catering menu, ask! You never know if you never go "to ask" that is. If you order early enough and before everybody else, well, I'll tell you that I'll probably make it for you. "Really." But don't get too crazy though…